Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum siding was first introduced in 1947 and quickly became very popular because of its durable and easy-to-maintain qualities. Aluminum siding became the trendy alternative to wood siding products.

Aluminum siding can last for decades, however, its painted finish can become faded over the years due to the harsh effects of the sun. It is recommended that aluminum siding be painted using lighter colors. Additionally, no darker colors than mid tones. Deep tones can be used although they fail to retain the original color as long as lighter shades. Periodic cleaning to your painted siding helps in keeping your siding looking its best.

Painting aluminum siding is a cost effective way to completely change the look of your house and give it an updated appearance.

Since 1973, Charter Painting pioneered the aluminum siding painting & recoating process in CT. Our team has educated homeowners on HOW and WHEN to paint aluminum siding and have provided thousands of homeowners their “aesthetic solutions.” Our aluminum paint team transforms that tired look for a fraction of the cost of replacement to vinyl.

A Connecticut leader in Aluminum Siding Painting!

Why choose Charter Painting & Restoration to paint your aluminum siding?

  1. Connecticut’s most experienced aluminium siding painting-recoating team.
  2. 2,200+ success stories aluminum sided homes in over 50 CT towns in last 44 years!
  3. We provide specialized crews, with extensive experience in the recoating of siding.
  4. Proper surface cleaning is our foundation to success.
  5. A complete preventative “set up” (total masking) ensures areas not intended to be coated are PROTECTED.
  6. CP&R provides a detailed proposal with information specific to your property and surface issues.
  7. With over 1,000 colors to choose, you can pick the color that matches your taste and style.
  8. No payment until job completion.
  9. 10 year warranty against any paint failure.
  10. Cost effective, as recoating is as low as 25% of the replacement cost for new vinyl siding.

Ready to refresh & paint your aluminum vinyl exterior? We have operated in the Central Connecticut area for almost as long as aluminum siding has been around! We serve Connecticut towns including Manchester, Glastonbury, Hebron, East Hampton, and East Hartford. Contact Jim at Charter Painting and schedule a free appointment today (860) 646-7668!